Saturday, 5 May 2007

When She Turns 50

Taken from "Same Place The Fly Got Smashed" 1990

"The tavern's open again
The line-up who light up will surely decide the fate
Of these incorrigibles
Who plaster their messages up on the interstate

When she turns fifty
I might be dead

But acting happy again
Go singing his songs about rush-hour traffic jams
When the vodka kicks in
A night at the Rockies
Digging in for the slam

When she turn fifty
I'll bake the bread
I'll bake the bread."

A lovely soft song from early Guided By Voices, just Bob and an acoustic guitar and a whole lot of feeling. I love the internation of "Rush Hour Traffic Jams". The song feels like a women in her middle ages looking back on her life and looking forward with a sort of wisfulness. Nice.


Pete said...

I love this song - it reminds me of Elliott Smith.

Anonymous said...

one of those gbv tunes that you find yourself humming but can't remember what album its on or what the words are. you continue to humm away until it drives you crazy and your playing every album you have until finally....there it is....and all is right with the world!

What the Parrot Saw said...

A sweet tune, more in the melody of the vocals than in the accompaniment, not unlike some of what has emerged from the Suitcase releases. I think this was a personal song.