Wednesday, 23 May 2007

Red Ink Superman

Taken from "Motel Of Fools" 2003

"Now and then
She serenades the system
I like looking at the crime
I like looking in
Don't fill up your freezer
At Henry's disco
Last night was all over
Last night is all gone
You paid the price
You paid the bill
Zipping in and out
Where are the perfect suits
Tags still hang
From the red light special
From the blue ink dream
From the white man's money
And you know
Ain't no clouds above ya
Proves the angels love ya
And the white man
Now you wanna go
Now you wanna swim
Working on your man
Red ink superman
We'll even the score in World War IV"

Take from one of my least favourite of the "Robert Pollard" albums. Some of the songs are just too damn weird and discordant for my tastes. This song starts with room sounds, clinking and then ultra-slowed down vocals before we hit the song proper nearly 2 minutes in. Like the pounding drum sounds that appear between the mainly guitar led track. Not a bad song but I find the vocals slightly off and feels like tit once to be epic but doesn't quite get there. Ends in a horrible mess of guitars and randomly played instruments. Nuff said.

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harold pig said...

I love the album version, but live this was a monster.