Tuesday, 1 May 2007


Taken from "Fast Japanese Spin Cycle" 1994

"Comes the sign of wasted times
I will wait no more
Ever trudging through the aimless
Forests we explore
In our boots and money chains
Misfitting cloaks we can't contain
Hidden hates of urgency
Declaring our emergency
And up the tallest window world
The distance was not clear
Unoccupied my brutish thoughts
We had no cause to fear
A lesson so severe
Hotter than the fire we built
Darker than the truth
Ignorance reflected in the windows of our youth
Push me now beyond the bounds
Of healing hands and thorny crowns
And all the sadness it implies
I've tasted with my own two eyes
And as the cattle rack was cleared
The floor was brightly stained
And larger though we grew in size
Not a thing was gained
The fate as so ordained"

Now this is what I call the classic GBV sound, the vocals, the sound of the guitar, the melody. oh yes. I love this. This is a different version of a track that first appeared on "Vampire on Titus" and I think I prefer this version. Strangely enough Ive just had to buy a new Washing Machine because the Spin Cycle on my current one is busted. Odd that isn't it. Classic GBV track. Shame its a "lost b-side".


harold pig said...

Some of Bob's best lyrics.

Anonymous said...

my second gbv purchase ever was "fast japanese", right after someone turned me on to bee thousand in 1994. love this song!