Monday, 14 May 2007

Off The Floor

Taken from "The Grand Hour" 1993

"In my mind
There are dreams of me
Following white
See the form before my eyes
Wouldn't Jesus be surprised
If in colony
the way to see
And if color be
the way you see its
Distant greetings"

Starts off with a snippet of "Hot Freaks" then goes into what sounds like an out-take off "Bee Thousand" with a very Beatle-like sound. Litterally a song or out-take taken from the Studio Room floor. A simple but nice song.


harold pig said...

A Tobe song on top of a Bob song. This is my favorite dual melody/vocal line GBV song. People Are Leaving is a close second.

XRayLexx said...

I LOVE People are Leaving. So sad.