Monday, 21 May 2007

Marchers in Orange

Taken from "Fast Japanese Spin Cycle" 1994

"The white line of tracers
For the facers of the aftermath
Positioned in the situation
Lost in battles of love
Not learning not returning
Unborn unhatched
Yeah but wait
It's time to collide
To decide, if you will
A purpose for the marchers in orange
Still circus for the children in disguise
Throwing bones to the drug-sniffing dogs
Projecting what we've come to know as ours
For the colors we wear in our dreams
For the flags we fly in our films"

A glam rock beat great you to this mini-rockathon from the earlier days of Guided By Voices. This is a different version from the Vampire on Titus original and Im not sure if I prefer this amped up version or the original lo-fi strum. Is it about the Orange Men? This time they are marching, they are not in a Parade.

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