Wednesday, 16 May 2007

Asphyxiated Circle

Taken from "Half Smiles Of The Decomposed" 2004

"These thoughts replace when I'm on the floor
I cannot taste the sweetness anymore
You bi-polarize me with each test
Contaminate the faintest breath
For speaking well of in the name
Of where to watch and who to blame
All of us there
What should I wear

For human frailty on parade
To entertain you may invade
A silent party - secret wish
At best an unconvincing kiss

Expand, explode, wrinkle up or blow away

I look you up to let me down
I take the time to track you
Through chosen smoke-screen silhouettes
Who've earned the right to back you
This for so long
Perfect and wrong

You write me out - I reappear
To criticize you interfere
But I will say what I want to
And there is nothing you can do

Expand, explode, wrinkle up or blow away"

All the songs from the final Guided By Voices album have a strange longing and finality about them and many of the songs would stand well as a final song on an album/of a band. This is a great song which sounds like Guided By Voices, like no other band, but Guided By Voices. Even the lyrics hint at the end of an Era. What did GBV do? Expand, Explode, Wrinkle Up or Get Blown Away?

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