Sunday, 6 May 2007

Drinkers Peace (Live)

Taken from "Live At The Wheelchair Races" 2003

"At times I wish I was dead
Busy people dancing all over my head
Real shock value with every move they make
Real bad head-ache with every step they take

I get a contact buzz
Can't remember what the problem was
I find it hard to even care
Life was too real 'til you got there

My life is dirt but you seem to make it cleaner
Reduce my felony to a misdemeanor
When I feel sick you're an anti-biotic
Organize my world - my world's pointless
and chaotic"

One of the most heart breakingly beautiful songs ever written. Period. And the live version is just perfect (okay, its recorded a bit wobbly) but the emotion and the crowd response just sends a shiver down your spine. I love the part that goes "buzz,buzz,buzz,buzz,buzz". Simply beautiful. Is it a song about drowning out the pain of loosing someone through drink? Or it could be a song about drink as a crutch. Who knows. All I know is its one of the most heart-effecting songs ever.

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