Saturday, 19 May 2007

Skin Parade

Taken from "Universal Truths and Cycles" 2002

"For Chrissakes, Charley
Send them your love
Pictures from happier times
When babies acted like babies
So did the grown-ups
The band played "We All Fall Down"
And some of us did...

Fly off the wheel
Travel highwired
There are movements necessary
Then there is unnecessary motion
It happens all the time
You can see it swim

In the skin parade

Where other objects move too
Right through you

To the other side
It is come alive!
It is come alive

In the skin parade
In the parade of skin

Celebrating this level
Of concrete movement


Another Pollard song. Another Parade! The mans Parade Mad! Whats it with Parades! Starts with short acoustic bit with a tinkling of glass in the background and sounds like its recorded in a bar. I like that. The song then turns in a pulsing, industrial piece with off-kilter vocals with disturbing imagery of Skin on Parade. Are we all in the Skin Parade? Ends with a repeated word being shouted out.

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KM said...

i love these acoustic intros into full songs ala Tractor Rape Chain